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Tue, 13th Oct 2015

Engineering life

DNA Helix (c)

Imagine designing bacteria that can do whatever you want - from cleaning up oil spills to churning out the latest cancer treatments - ordering the biological parts online and building it in a couple of weeks. This is no longer the stuff of dreams, but the reality of synthetic biology. Plus, tracing European genes, how parasites manipulate our immune systems, I take part in a research project to find out if sociability is in my genes, and our gene of the month is looking for wedded bliss.

This is the Naked Genetics podcast for October 2015 with me, Dr Kat Arney, brought to you in association with The Genetics Society, online at

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  • 01:11 - Richard Kitney - Engineering life

    To find out more about synthetic biology, and where it all started, I spoke to Professor Richard Kitney from Imperial College.

  • 08:20 - James Field - Life in a library

    James Field has just launched a new company called LabGenius, capitalising on the growing interest in synthetic biology.

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