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Thu, 14th Jan 2016

Best of Naked Genetics

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This month we bring you a bumper edition, packed full of all our favourite bits from the past four years. This is the Naked Genetics podcast for January 2016 with me, Dr Kat Arney, brought to you in association with The Genetics Society, online at

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In this edition of Naked Genetics

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  • 00:58 - Book - Herding Hemingway's Cats

    Iíve been busy researching and writing my debut book about genetics, called Herding Hemingwayís Cats.

  • 02:10 - Best of NG - Bedbug genetics

    The first interview Iím featuring is from October 2012, and itís one Iíll never forget - Toby Fountain took me to the bedbug room in his lab

  • 09:14 - Best of NG - Are you a Viking?

    My next selection dates from September 2013, but it covers a topic that dates back much further - that of genes and genealogy.

  • 17:02 - Best of NG - Sexy genes

    Another interview that has stuck in my mind is the chat I had with Professor Judith Mank from UCL on her work about the genes and sex.

  • 41:42 - Best of NG - Genes and Smells

    We all know the old joke - my dogís got no nose! How does he smell? Terrible! And itís time for a whiff of nostalgia from February 2014.

  • 50:12 - Best of NG - Experimental evolution

    For my final interview, Iíve picked this one from July 2012, with Dr Tiffany Taylor from the University of Reading.

  • 54:09 - Best of NG - Astronaut genes

    with Commander Tim Peake currently holed up on the international space station, what better query to revisit than this one from Ironmunya?

  • 55:44 - Best of NG - Callipyge

    And finally, itís time to revisit my favourite gene of the month - one of the first in the series from back in May 2012.

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