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Sun, 8th Jan 2012

What's inside your nappy?

Newborn_baby (c)

Do stars form outside galaxies? What causes ringing in the ears? How fast does force propagate? Why do spectacles still work when worn backwards? Is the expanding universe tearing galaxies apart? And is any new water being created on Earth? Plus, news of the new satellite surveying the moon, the scientific way to sound out a Stradivarius and how a vaccine based on chimp viruses can protect against Hepatitis C. Plus, in kitchen science, Dave unpacks the contents of a nappy...

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  • 01:34 - Why don't we see rainbows under street lights?

    Dear Naked Scientists, My 7 year old daughter asked me this evening, why we don't see rainbows underneath street lights when it is raining? I suggested it was a combination of the wrong angle and the lights not being bright enough. She wasn't convinced by my answer and insi...

  • 04:00 - How quickly can force propagate?

    If you had a really long tube and filled it with rigid balls and then put another one in the end, would a ball come out the other end instantly or would there be a speed of light delay?

  • 05:32 - GRAIL Settles In Around the Moon

    A pair of new American spacecraft entered orbit about the Moon over the new year period, with the aim of measuring the Moon's gravitation field in unprecedented detail...

  • 10:00 - Why do glasses worn backwards still work?

    Hello Naked Scientists! Thanks for an excellent show. I was wondering, if eye glasses use curved glass to bed light entering the eye to correct vision, then how is it that glasses still work if you hold them backwards (ear pieces out from the face)? Shouldn't this reverse curv...

  • 19:10 - Stradivarius reputation bows under pressure

    The reputation of the famous Stradivarius and Guaneri names on violins has been dented by a new study showing that, in a blind test, musical professionals cannot tell the renowed instruments from modern counterparts.

  • 23:11 - What causes ringing in the ears?

    Morning Chris!† I am wondering if you can help me out regarding ringing in the ears?† I have had all of a sudden this ringing in my ears for the last few months.† I am 63 years old and it is driving me mad! Would you know what the cause is? Is there an under lying problem, ...

  • 39:37 - How does a cuckoo know itís a cuckoo?

    How does a cuckoo know itís a cuckoo since itís reared by other species?

  • 40:30 - Chimp Viruses Vaccinate Against Hepatitis C

    Over 170 million people are infected with Hepatitis C worldwide and at the moment there is no effective vaccine. But now scientists may have found a way to protect people Ė by adding parts of the hepatitis C virus to a harmless virus that normally infects chimpanzees...

  • 56:22 - When looking in a mirror why does left become right?

    When looking in a mirror why does left become right not top become bottom?

  • 57:32 - Do sunglasses cause sunburn?

    Hello, I'd like to say thank you for your show.† I enjoy it thoroughly. I have a question most of my friends laugh at. I heard a while back that you are more likely to get sunburn if you are wearing sunglasses.† I have put the theory to the test and it has worked for me....

  • Explosive X-ray diffraction

    A new method of determining the structure of a crystal has been developed which can measure the structure even though it causes the samples to explode...



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