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Sat, 20th May 2006

New Planets, Harmonics and the science of Sound.

Bringing music to our ears this week is Dr Hugh Hunt from Cambridge University who discusses the science of sound, how harmonics work, and how to play music in a tea cup, Jez Wells from the University of York describes the frontiers of music technology including recreating the sound of long-destroyed cathedral, the secrets behind making a floboe, an instrument that is half flute and half oboe, and how to revive the sound of a castrato: a man with the voice of a choirboy. To compensate for the castrato's lost manhood, Bob Hirshon and Chelsea Wald look at some cutting edge uses for testosterone in Science Update, and Anna Lacey makes music with nothing but a long pink tube in this week's Kitchen Science.


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  • Sounds from a Mug

    Make some quite perplexing sounds with a common coffee mug, and a pen.

  • Making Music with Harmonics

    Wendy has a look at what happens when you spin a pink tube around your head.



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