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Sat, 29th Jul 2006

Crowd Control, Football Hooligans and Singing Mosquitoes

 I predict a riot... or not, as this week we're joined in the studio by crowd control experts Dr Clifford Stott from the University of Liverpool and Dr John Drury from the University of Sussex, who'll be discussing why violence kicks off at  football matches, how to spot a spat and the science of mass evacuation. And taking us on a flight of fancy from crowds of people to swarms of mosquitoes, Dr Gay Gibson, from the University of Greenwich, describes her research into the harmonious music of mosquitoes. In Kitchen Science, Derek Thorne bangs out a tune from an oven shelf...                     

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  • The Secret Sounds of the Oven Shelf

    The kitchen has always seemed an unlikely place to find a musical instrument - until now. This week Derek and Dave are with Matt and Nick at Hinchingbrooke School in search of the hidden harmonies of the oven shelf. Prepare to be amazed!



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