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Sat, 9th Sep 2006

Hot Nectar, Warming Weather and Birds Missing the Spring

(c) Simon Eugster @ wikimedia

In the hot seat this week is Dr Beverley Glover from Cambridge University, who will describe how flowers warm their nectar to entice passing pollinators, real life weatherman John Law from Weatherquest discusses weather predictions and how to calculate the temperature days in advance, and Professor Marcel Visser from the Netherland Institute of Ecology explains how warming weather and earlier springs spells disaster for migrating birds. Also on the show, we will hear from Katey Walter at the University of Alaska Fairbanks about a new source of atmospheric methane, and in Kitchen Science Derek and Dave get their hands wet in the name of discovering how the human judges temperature.

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  • Strange Temperatures

    Here is a way to entirely fool your senses using only three bowls of water. Have a go if you dare.



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