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Sat, 30th Sep 2006

Science Question and Answer - New Horizons Mission

New Horizons Probe (c) NASA/Johns Hopkins University

Answering all your cosmic conundrums this week are Drs. Chris, Dave and Phil who discuss why blood is red, the size of the ozone hole, how to make magnets, the best way to get rid of excess mucus, and sticking with the gooey theme, Professor Adam Summers from the University of California Irvine discusses how some tarantulas keep a firm hold on the ground by producing sticky silk in their feet. Moving much further away from terra firma, New Horizons scientist Dr Hal Weaver from Johns Hopkins University talks about the mission to Pluto, what they hope to find there and why the Kuiper Belt objects are so intriguing, and in Kitchen Science, Derek Thorne and Hugh Hunt carry out their own launch by throwing engineering textbooks high into the air.

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  • How to stop my body making mucus?

    Can you please tell me how to stop my body making mucus? I've had dysfunctional Eustachian tubes for seven months, and although they're sometimes on the point of clearing, along comes more mucus and the whole thing starts again. I've been p...

  • What are magnets made of?

    What are magnets made out of and how are they made?

  • Is the ozone hole shrinking?

    Could you tell me if the ozone hole is now getting smaller since CFCs have been banned?

  • Why can I hear the other side of a cassette?

    I know cassette tapes are virtually obsolete, but I have a question about them. Very often when I'm listening to my Harry Potter audio books there's a muffling in the background. If I listen very carefully I can hear the other side of the cassette being played. I've tried this ou...

  • Why do I sneeze when I starre into the sun?

    How come I sneeze when I stare at the sun in the morning?

  • What happens when you hurl your homework in the air?

    This week Derek is with Professor Hugh Hunt from the University of Cambridge and three student volunteers from the Norwich School. They're going to be throwing books into the air and learning about the science of spin.



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