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Sat, 14th Oct 2006

Science of Sight, Eye Diseases and Animal Vision

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Taking a look at the science of sight is consultant ophthalmologist Dr Nick Sarkies from Addenbrooke's Hospital, who will discuss eye diseases and how we can treat them, and Professor Ron Douglas from City University provides insight into colour vision and how the world appears through the eyes of animals. Sticking with our animal focus, Bob and Chelsea reveal that there may be three times as many poisonous fish as there are snakes, and in Kitchen Science, Derek Thorne stops himself bouncing off the walls long enough to discover how superballs spin.

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  • Do cool washes kill bacteria?

    Some washing powder manufacturers are starting to recommend that we wash our clothes at 30 degrees centigrade instead of 40 degrees centigrade. I can see the energy benefits of that, but is 30 degrees hot enough to kill bacteria in the wash...

  • What's glaucoma?

    What's glaucoma?

  • What is astigmatism?

    I'm very short sighted, but over the years I've started to suffer from a astigmatism. I'd like to know what it is and what causes it.

  • Why is black and white better than red and white?

    Why is it that we're perfectly comfortable with black and white movies and photographs when we know that the world is in colour, but the same picture in reds, green or any single shade of colour doesn't seem to have the same satisfying effect? It's ok to substitute a colour with ...

  • Why do eyes sometimes get watery?

    My eyes often become watery for no apparent reason. Why do you think this is?

  • Could someone be so short sighted they can see at night?

    We all know that when we open our eyes under water we see blurry images. I believe that this is because water has a different index of refraction in air, where our eyes have been designed to work properly. Is it possible for someone to have...

  • What is macular degeneration?

    I have neovascular macular degeneration of the right eye, which means that I haven't any sight left in that eye. I went to see if I could have laser treatment to cure it but nothing happened. The bad news is that I've been told that there is a 40% chance that I'll get it in the o...

  • Science of spin and bouncy balls

    Investigate some very strange bounces with a bouncy ball and a little grease



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