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Sat, 21st Oct 2006

How We Hear, Echolocation and Giant Whoopee Cushions

Giant whoopee cushion (c) EPSRC and University of Salford

Helping us tune into the science of sound this week is Dr Bob Carlyon from the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, who explains how we hear, how we can concentrate on one voice in a noisy room, and what it sounds like to have a cochlea implant. From the hard of hearing to the most finely tuned ears on the planet, Professor Ian Russell from the University of Sussex describes how the greater moustached bat catches prey in complete darkness while flying at 40 miles per hour, Professor Trevor Cox from the University of Salford turns the sound of breaking wind into a record breaker, as he talks about the world's largest whoopee cushion, and in Kitchen Science, Derek and Dave investigate the science of balance with the help of a humble office chair and some unsuspecting volunteers...

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  • Why do you hear a swoosh as you drive past things?

    Why is it that when you're in a car and going past a bunch of other parked cars all in a long row, you hear a swoosh for every other car you go past? Is it the gap in between the car filled with air that interacts with the turbulence made b...

  • Dizziness and Office Chairs

    Investigate what is happening when you get dizzy in some perculiar directions, with nothing but an office chair, and some soft grass.



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