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Sun, 3rd Dec 2006

Naked Science Q&A and Polonium Poisoning

Dr Chris, Dr Dave and Dr Phil answer all your questions on science, technology and medicine, including why spiders don't run out of silk, what is the universe expanding into, what a flame looks like in space, and what happens when the brain is cut off from a supply of oxygen. We also talk to Dr Mark Peplow from Chemistry World about polonium 210, how much was needed to kill former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, and where the perpetrators could have acquired it. Sticking with nasty substances, Derek Thorne and Dave Ansell make a mess with milk and vinegar in the name of Kitchen Science.

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  • What's a flame made of?

    What's a flame made of? Is it made of carbon, and if so can substances that don't contain carbon actually burn?

  • What would happen if you lit a match in space?

    What would happen if you lit a match in space? Considering there's oxygen in the air on a space station but no up or down, what would be the structure of the flame?

  • Making a Mess with Milk

    Make something really quite unpleasant out of milk and find out what it has to do with cheese.



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