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Sun, 10th Dec 2006

Dark Matter, Life on Mars and Galactic Collisions

The Andromeda Galaxy (c) John Lanoue

Shedding light on the deepest depths of the universe is Professor Gerry Gilmore from Cambridge University, who talks about the Big Bang and the mystery of dark matter. We also hear from Professor Peter Muller and Dr Giulio del Zanna from the Mullard Space Laboratory about 3-D imaging of the surface of Mars and how solar flares contribute to everything from the Northern Lights to damaging communication systems. Professor David Block from the University of Witwatersrand describes how Andromeda, the galaxy closest to the Milky Way, was recently involved in a galactic collision, and in case you fancy seeing some collisions here on Earth, Derek and Dave are in the kitchen making meteorite craters.

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    On last week's show you were talking about polonium 210 being difficult to obtain but in fact anyone can buy it easily. In the US there's a product sold for neutralising static on lenses and laboratory equipment. By using Polonium 210 to ca...

  • The big bang theory... what went bang?

    The big bang theory... what went bang?



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