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Sun, 17th Dec 2006

The Christmas Q & A Show

In the final show of 2006, Dr Chris, Dr Dave and Dr Kat answer all your science questions including why poppadoms curl upwards in the pan, how seedless grapes grow, and if lightning really does strike twice. To celebrate the coming of Christmas, Professor Colin Humphries from Cambridge University joins us to explain the astronomical phenomenon behind the Star of Bethlehem, and in Kitchen Science Derek Thorne and Alicia Webb knock back a few shots of vodka to find out how breathalysers catch drink-drivers. In the second part of the Science of Colour series, Anna Lacey finds out about the history of mauve and how hair dye conceals those dreaded greys.

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  • The Science of Colour 2

    Anna looks at pigments and their sometimes surprising uses.

  • The Star of Bethlehem

    Colin Humphreys details his theories about what the star of Bethlehem really was and when it could have appeared.

  • Do bats see the world upside down?

    Humans spend all our lives one way up. So when we stand on our heads, everything is upside down. Bats spend half their life hanging upside down, so which way does a bat think is the right way up?

  • Could we insulate against gravity?

    We can successfully insulate against heat, and against light, and against sound. Is it possible, do you think, that we may one day be able to insulate against the force of gravity? And is anybody working on it?

  • Can the muscles in the bowel be repaired?

    Can the muscles in the lower part of the bowel be repaired?

  • Can you beat the Breathalyzer

    If you've ever wondered how a police issue breathalyser works - this kitchen science is for you. This week Derek, Mick McReedy the friendly policeman and Ali the Aussie backpacker visit Ely Firestation to investigate science of alcohol, drinking, and breathalysing. Find out if y...



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