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Sun, 7th Jan 2007

Red Wine, Caffeine and Bugs in Your Gut

In the first show of 2007, Drs Chris, Dave and Helen find out why red wine is better for you than white wine or grape juice, and explore the science of healthy living with with London University researcher and author Roger Corder. We also discover the science behind another of the nation's favourite drugs, caffeine, with the help of Bristol University's Peter Rogers, and University of St Louis researcher Jeffrey Gordon explains how the bugs living in your intestines help you to make the most out of mealtimes. They might also, he thinks, make some people fat. Plus, in Kitchen Science, Dave demonstrates the physics of how salt keeps roads frost-free.

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  • Stomach Microbes And Weight Gain

    How the bacteria in your guts could affect how much energy you get from your food, and hence obesity.

  • Are liquidised vegetables good for you?

    It's recommended that we eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. So I'd like to know, if I liquidise all of my portions into one, and drink the whole lot would that still count as my five portions and get me off the hook?

  • What causes the tremor from coffee?

    What causes the tremor seen in heavy coffee drinkers, and is that related to dopamine like with Parkinson's Disease?

  • Lifting Ice Cubes

    If you've ever wondered why we salt the roads in Winter time - this kitchen science is for you. This week Dave is live in the studio, trying to investigate what happens when you add some salt to an icecube!



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