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Sun, 4th Feb 2007

Pain relief - the contributions of genes, spider venom and chillies

Tarantula & Chillie (c) David Julius

Health effects of pollution, plus David Julius reveals the molecular mechanisms of pain and what chillies have in common with tarantulas, Geoff Woods explains why some people can't feel pain, and to talk about phantom limbs and ways of dealing with pain is Cathy Stannard. In Kitchen Science, Derek Thorne braves the cold to sniff out the science of sausages, and in the final part of our Science and Colour series, Anna Lacey discovers how wearing the right colours could bag you the perfect date.

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  • Dealing with Pain

    How doctors deal with pain, what painkillers do to you and what pain does to you.

  • People who don't Feel Pain

    Geoff Woods has been researching why some people are unable to feel pain, and how this could be useful for medicine.

  • Can black holes merge?

    Can two black holes merge together if they get close enough to each other?

  • Why is light safe but gamma rays dangerous?

    How is it that visible light and radio waves are harmless, but microwaves and gamma rays have adverse effects on life? There seems to be no linear path from the least harmful to the most harmful in the spectrum. The harmless waves seem to be interspersed with the harmful ones as ...

  • Why sausages split lengthways

    Although it's freezing in England right now, on the other side of the world the sun is shining. So in honour of the sun-drenched Antipodes, Derek goes for a BBQ at the house of our very own Ozzie Hugh Hunt.



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