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Sun, 11th Feb 2007

Nuclear Power

Sizewell B (c) Dave Ansell

Nuclear energy is always in the news, but how much do you know about nuclear fission and what happens to nuclear waste? To find out, Naked Scientists Anna Lacey and Dave Ansell visit Sizewell B power station in Suffolk, and studio guest Ian Farnan from Cambridge University discusses nuclear waste disposal and why current methods might not contain the radiation as long as we thought. But as clinical radiologist Anant Krishnan explains, radiation plays a crucial role in medicine, including allowing us to see broken bones and killing off tumours. Sticking with uses of radiation that save lives, Anna and Dave find out how a smoke detector works in Kitchen Science.

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  • Why do you twitch as you go to sleep?

    When you're trying to go to sleep at night, why does your body jump and start twitching when you're about to drop off to sleep?

  • Why do windscreens get frosty?

    Why is it that car front windscreens appear more prone to icing than the sides and the rear? This is even when the car is parked either way round in relation to the prevailing wind, I think.

  • How a Smoke Detector Works

    Most people think radiation is a bad thing, but if you take a look inside a humble smoke detector, you'll find that its radiation that's keeping us alive. However, you should NOT attempt to open the radioactive compartment of a smoke detector as close-up exposure to the ra...



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