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Sun, 4th Mar 2007

Archaeology and Domestication

Dr Chris and Dr Kat chat to archaeologist Lawrence Owens about his latest excavations of Peruvian Mummies and what it reveals about their lives; cue tales of mass burials, domestic violence and child abuse. They also Keith Dobney about his research into the domestication of animals, including cows, pigs and man's best friend. Anna and Holly Barclay look at mussels and their role in eutrophication in Chinese Lakes. Dave and Derek start a few fires to see which fuel will burn quickest.

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  • Animal Domestication

    Keith Dobney studies how animals were domesticated thousands of years ago

  • Peruvian excavation

    The life of ancient Peruvian settlers as revealed by archaeological excavations

  • Custard Powder Fireball (c) Dave Ansell

    Custard Fireballs

    How the size of what is burning can affect how it burns. We compared burning logs, twigs, paper and custard powder.



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