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Sun, 18th Mar 2007

Cambridge Science Festival Q&A

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Every year the Cambridge Science Festival celebrates some of the best and most exciting science and engineering going on in the UK - and the Naked Scientists were there! We find out about the cool science of ice cream, the microscopic world of microbes, and the IgNobel awards for science at its most silly. Looking further afield, the University of Auckland's Peter Metcalf unlocks the secrets of a viral sarcophagus, and Mike Brown from the California Institute of Technology discusses the origin of some mysterious objects in the Kuiper Belt. To cool us down after all that excitement, Dave and Azi sit back and explain the best way to get a cold beer.

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  • 16:14 - Why can you see vapour trails only sometimes?

    When you see jets across the sky sometimes they leave vapour trails for miles behind them, sometimes they're barely visible. Is this because of different type of fuel?

  • 17:11 - Object found in Kuiper Belt suffered impact

    An object has been discovered in the Kuiper Belt which was smashed into by something half the size of Pluto, the implications reveal information about configurations in our solar system

  • 23:50 - Does beta thalassemia stop you getting malaria?

    My daughter and I have the beta thalassemia trait and I've read that this can prevent carries from getting malaria. Is this true or do I have the same chance of getting Malaria as everyone else?

  • 25:07 - Freezing lemonade bottles

    In this cool experiment you can freeze a bottle of lemonade in front of your eyes.



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