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Sat, 31st Mar 2007

Heart Disease and Repairing the Damaged Heart

Angioplasty 3 (c) Niall Campbell

This week we explore the science of Heart Disease. Dr Niall Campbell joins us to explain what heart attacks are and how they're treated, Dr Anthony Mathur discusses how stem cells might hold the key to mending a broken heart, and Ben Valsler visits Brian Callingham to investigate how arteries behave when you give them various drugs.

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  • 10:46 - Do identical twins have identical DNA?

    Do identical twins have identical DNA? If so, do they have identical fingerprints? If they don't, how can this be because DNA is supposed to be the code which determines your make-up, hair colour, height and everything, so what's going on?

  • 13:49 - Is a microwave sealed?

    If you put your home phone number into a mobile phone and press enter, then put the mobile phone in a microwave, you can successfully make a connection and call your house phone. If the oven is supposed to protect you from the microwaves inside, how do they get out and make the ...

  • Artery tension measuring kit (c) Ben Valsler

    33:18 - Stimulating Arteries

    Ben visited Dr Brian Callingham to find out what an artery can do with the appropriate stimulation.

  • 39:11 - Stem Cells for Heart Disease

    Anthony has been investigating injecting stem cells into the heart to help it recover.



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