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Sat, 21st Apr 2007

Coral Catastophe and a Fertile way to Destroy Diversity

Annelise diving (c) David Pluth

Corals are falling prey to global warming. As sea temperatures rise corals are parting company with the algae that sustain them, causing them to bleach and die. To map out the scale of the problem, and to understand its implications, Cambridge University's Annelise Hagan joins us to explain how she uses a spotter plane and a team of divers to home in on bleaching hotspots. Also, University of California, Irvine, researcher Stan Harpole describes how adding fertilisers to fields destroys diversity both on land and in the water, and in kitchen science Dave explores pressure and heat with his 'Fire Piston'.

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  • Firepiston Ignition (c) Dave Ansell

    17:36 - Fire Piston

    You may have noticed that if you pump up a bicycle tyre your pump gets hot, we find out why, and do a slightly more extreme version

  • 24:47 - Coral Conservation

    Annelise Hagan, of the Living Oceans Foundation talks about her work on Coral reefs and using sea planes to spy on the sea.

  • 31:51 - Metals in Feathers tell Migration Paths

    Laura Font describes how she has found a way to find out where migratory birds have been by measuring strontium isotope ratios in feathers.

  • 36:35 - Nutrient Polution

    Stan Harpole talking about how using fertilisers can reduce biodiversity by destroying the niches that allow complex inter-species competition



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