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Sat, 28th Apr 2007

Migrating Genes, Surnames and Y Chromosomes

Taking a blood sample (c) Bruce Winney

This week we're exploring how populations come by their genes including the surprise finding of African DNA in a remote village in Yorkshire. Oxford University's Bruce Winney explains how studying rural populations in Britain is helping to uncover genes linked to different diseases, and Turi King, from Leicester University, discusses what your Y chromosome says about your surname. Plus we'll be hearing how Cambridge scientist Mike Majerus is putting evolution to the test with the help of the peppered moth, and in kitchen science, more jam tomorrow as Ben and Dave show you a trick with a rolling jar.

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  • 26:22 - Why don't ducks get hypothermia?

    I have observed here in Canada that even in the middle of winter you'll see ducks in the lake along the shores swimming by and feeding. What makes them able to swim in very cold water and not freeze their feet that are not covered with feathers or suffer from hypothermia?

  • 27:51 - Surnames, Yorkshiremen and Y-Chromosomes

    Turi King talks about how she found African ancestry in Yorkshiremen, and about how your Y-chromosome type can predict your surname



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