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Sat, 2nd Jun 2007

Animal Behaviour

Prof Clayton and Scrub Jays (c) Credit Phil Mynott Copyright University of Cambridge

This week, will a hot mint still taste cold? Also how skimmed milk could come straight from the cow in future, and why we walk upright without dragging our knuckles. Nicky Clayton discusses clever birds that use cigarettes to fumigate their feathers, Tim Clutton-Brock describes the family affairs of meerkats, and we find out from Andrew Smith why monkeys see what we see, but cats and cows can't. Plus, in Kitchen Science, we get jiggly with a jam jar full of rice.

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  • 12:16 - How loud are whales?

    I’ve heard that the loudest sounds in the animal kingdom are made by whales, but which species? How loud are they?

  • 14:08 - Science Update - Planets

    This week, Chelsea finds out what rock music sounds like on other planets, and Bob uses lasers to simulate the conditions inside a massive star.

  • 37:26 - A Primates Eyes

    Dr Andrew Smith tells us why primates have evolved the ability to see in three colours - and how this could have helped our ancestors in the wild.

  • 52:38 - Will we all evolve to look more similar?

    Historically, we have moved to different continents and evolved some specific traits such as skin colour. As we are now able to travel all over the world, will we eventually all look the same?

  • 55:01 - How can you freeze sperm?

    How can you freeze sperm, then have them still be alive when you thaw them? Shouldn’t the water in the cells expand and damage them?



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Absolutely one of the best shows in a while.  Well done to everyone for all your hard work. 
Keep it up!! Jenguin, Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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