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Sat, 9th Jun 2007

The Naked Scientists Q&A Show

Wanna go to Mars? (c)  NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Got a science question? Want to know how fat you'd need to be to stop a speeding bullet? Or why men appear to have nipples they don't need? Then the Naked Scientists can help...



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  • 15:29 - How fast do you have to go to leave the solar system?

    One of the voyager probes has left the solar system. What speed (and relative to what?) did it have to achieve in order to do so? Could anything escape the solar system directly from the Earth using existing technology?

  • 17:01 - What would happen if another galaxy collided with our own?

    What would happen if another galaxy collided with our own? Would the spaces between the stars give us any chance of survival? Also, wouldn’t one galaxy have to be moving faster than the other in order to cause a collision?

  • 20:36 - Magnetic Cereal

    Find out about one of the things that make up your breakfast cereal using a magnet.

  • 23:57 - A Scrumpy a day keeps the Doctor away?

    Serena Marks tells us how you might not lose the goodness of apples when making cider, and in fact that cider might be healthier than apple juice!

  • 50:27 - How do you get ice needles in puddles?

    When it's warm during the day and freezes at night, in the morning you sometimes see in the mud these tiny icicles that look as if the water in the mud was expelled really fast into the air and were frozen mid leap. They can be several inches high and are very fragile. What cause...

  • 51:12 - Would space feel cold?

    I've been wondering something for a long time: If someone went out into space and forgot to put on their space suit, would the person feel cold? Within the atmosphere, it feels cold if air blows across your skin, but in a vaccuum is it possible to feel cold? My guess is that...

  • 52:25 - What would happen if our galaxy got sucked into a black hole?

    If the milky way went through a black hole, would it come out of the other side intact? Would we survive?

  • 52:45 - Is global warming all made by humans?

    I have been learning about environmental science in school (I just graduated), and have been confronted with an alternate view of global warming. My textbook tells me that global warming is entirely anthropogenic, but I have heard from some sources that the earth has cycles in wh...



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