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Sat, 16th Jun 2007

Forensic Science

Sarah Hall in her lab (c) Azadeh Khatiri

Under the microscope this week, the science of forensics. We find out how scientists have exploded the myth about old aged whales thanks to a piece of shrapnel, about a new rice-based vaccine for cholera, and 'whey' to go, how scientists have made edible food wrappers from milk. We investigate what your diet does to your hair, how science can finger forgers and flush out bodies from bogs, and why the key to identifying a torso that washed up in the Thames was rooted in plant science. Plus, in Kitchen Science, we arm Ben with a rifle to find out how fat you'd have to be to stop a speeding bullet with your belly...

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  • The tube of Gelatin (c) Dave Ansell

    17:50 - How fat would you have to be to stop a bullet?

    Have you ever wondered how fat you would have to be to stop a bullet with your belly? We went to the Cavendish Laboratory to find out...

  • 21:30 - Science Update - Future Machines

    This week, Bob and Chelsea tell us about seed that sow themselves and the future of domestic robots!



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That's nice of you to say Paul, but what was it about this show that made it so good for you?

C chris, Fri, 22nd Jun 2007

I would say the first thing was the subject matter, i think Forensic science is a fascinating subject. Also, the new show format is working really well, Sabina's segment (i feel) is also encouraging greater audience participation - is this shown in email responses?

Kitchen Science, Whilst Dave IS kitchen Science, Ben is also do doing a great job. He conveys his obvious love of science and leaves the listener highly entertained. He does remind me of someone, but i just can't pin it down. Possibly a young magnus pike (that's a compliment) in the way that he comes across.

Singling out Ben and Sabina for praise, shows how well and quickly they have become part of an already formidable, knowldgeable and highly entrtaining bunch of scientists. All in all, the show is going from strength to strength and hopfully this will be shown at the next podcast awards., Sat, 23rd Jun 2007

My favourite show of this year., Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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