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Sat, 14th Jul 2007

Fuels of the Future

This week, from iPod to iRod as a man's taste for music turns him into a human lightning conductor, why penguins are picky eaters, and better biopsies - why doctors are attracted to a new magnetic cancer detection system. Also a fuel made from fructose that packs a punch like petrol, we find out how to make hydrogen on demand using aluminium, and grow your own gas - do we have enough land to grow our energy in future? Plus, in Kitchen Science, we turn vegetable oil into biodiesel and ask a white van man to test it...

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  • 00:29:53 - Extract Hydrogen on the Road

    Biodiesel is one option for powering cars of the future, but another fuel we could use is hydrogen. This has the benefit of producing only water when it burns, but can be expensive to extract and store. We spoke to Jerry Woodall about a simple way he’s found to extract hydroge...

  • 00:36:55 - Sweet Fuel from Fructose

    An alternative to growing crops to make biodiesel is to make use of existing biomass. James Dumesic spoke to Chris smith about a way of making petrol-like fuel from fructose.



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