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Sat, 21st Jul 2007

Extreme Survival

Richard Turner at Everest Base Camp (c) Richard Turner

This week, we find out about survival in extreme environments. We find out how free divers descend hundreds of feet underwater without air, how life thrives beneath the ice in Antarctica, how fighter pilots combat G-forces to avoid blackouts, and how the body copes with exercising at the top of Everest. Also, discover the benefit of breaks between bouts of exercise, how geckos hold the key to underwater post-it notes, and a gene that lets you chat whilst listening to the radio.

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  • 20:56 - Diving Deep

    How deep can you go? Professional free divers can descend hundreds of feet underwater with no scuba gear, but what does that do to your body?

  • 29:01 - Surviving Antarctica

    David Thomas is a marine biologist from the University of Wales, Bangor. His work takes him all over the world and he has recently released a book called Surviving Antarctica, we invited him in to the studio for a chat. Heís also got another book out called Frozen Oceans, ...

  • 37:19 - Coping with G-Forces

    Fighter pilots need to undergo extreme conditions and still be able to make life or death decisions. How do they train to cope? We spoke to US Air Force Phsyiologist Major Todd Dart.

  • 43:54 - Xtreme Everest

    Richard Turner volunteered to have his body tested to extremes of endurance at Everest base camp, all in the name of medical science.



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The trouble that Chris goes to for his radio show is awsome !! neilep, Tue, 24th Jul 2007

I can only take some of the credit. There's a fantastic team of people helping out with this project, and I always say so at the end of every show. Without them the whole thing would sink without trace in seconds. It's really them and their commitment that deserve the major recognition. So thank you Ben and Dave and Petro. Chris Chris, Tue, 24th Jul 2007

Question, why is Chris showing as a guest?

Extreme survival, i love the subject. More in the how to live off the land kind of way. I have seen people free diving, and i have to say they are (in my opinion) as mad as hatteres.

The AAAS spot, sort of answered a question i posted a few weeks back. Thanks, Wed, 25th Jul 2007

I meant to cheekily imply/infer that Chris does all these extreme survival stunts himself !! neilep, Wed, 25th Jul 2007

oops - and there was me thinking we had some adoring fans who recognised the huge sacrifice we all go to for this programme. Alas it was just a flippant comment! Chris, Fri, 27th Jul 2007

I must be missing that gene - I am always bad at doing that sort of thing - I can type while listening to the radio, but even when I am trying to do a delicate parking manoeuvre, I will often switch off the radio so as to avoid distractions. another_someone, Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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