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Sat, 18th Aug 2007

The Best Naked Science

This week, we look back at some of the juiciest bits of Naked Science from the last series.  We find out how an iPod became an iRod to conduct lightning, discover an electrifying bikini and find out why teenagers feel so misunderstood, not that they're 'bovvered' about the answer.  We discuss wine as an essential part of an healthy diet, find out about the people who feel no pain and explore why you can immediately tell an Aussie from an American or a Londoner from a Liverpudlian, just by learning about the way accents are formed.  Plus, in Kitchen Science we find out how to turn an oven shelf into a beautiful musical instrument.

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  • How are seedless grapes grown?

    How are seedless grapes grown?

  • The Secret Sounds of the Oven Shelf

    The kitchen has always seemed an unlikely place to find a musical instrument - until now. This week Derek and Dave are with Matt and Nick at Hinchingbrooke School in search of the hidden harmonies of the oven shelf. Prepare to be amazed!



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this is the meet Meera Senthilingam page,

Doc, please do not look. i know what you are like

A warm welcome to you, Meera, Tue, 21st Aug 2007

DoctorBeaver, Tue, 21st Aug 2007

You looked, didn't you just keep away, you have dido., Tue, 21st Aug 2007

Welcome Meera! Glad to have you! Karen W., Fri, 24th Aug 2007

More repeats on the BBC!

It was a good show, but who is Meera Senthilingam? is she new to the show, from "behind the scene" or something., Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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