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Sat, 1st Sep 2007

Question and Answer Catch up!

This week, Chris and Co are back from their holidays!  So they're tackling their bulging mailbag of your questions.  We discuss how scientists have been given the green light to cross human DNA with animal cells all in the name of medicine, eavesdroppers in your garden - the plants that respond to sound, and the world's smallest thermometer - only one molecule!  We also tackle questions on keeping your beer cool on the beach, massive melons and the horticultural properties of wee.  We find out about how radio shows can give Pygmies a voice and how anyone can have an out of body experience now that scientists have discovered how to trick your senses into making them happen.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, Dave shows us how to make eerie music with a wine glass!

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  • 15:00 - Can contact lenses protect you form onion vapours?

    When I wear my contact lenses, chopping onions doesnít make my eyes water, does this mean only the part of the eye thatís covered by contact lenses is sensitive to onion vapours?

  • 17:47 - Why do mellons keep cool in the sun?

    On holiday, I bought a massive green melon on my way to the beach. We left it in the sun but after 3 or four hours when we cut it open to eat it was still cool inside. How did this happen?

  • 20:17 - Why don't you notice sunburn until the next day?

    When I get sunburn it seems like it takes a long time before the suns damage appears on my skin. Sometimes I donít see it or feel it until later in the day. Why is that?

  • 22:09 - Pygmy FM

    How could Radio help rainforests? Through a community radio station lovingly nicknamed Pygmy FM, indigenous people can highlight the trees that are vital to their lifestyle, and loggers on the right wavelength learn to avoid them. Nature's Mike Hopkin spoke to Scott Poynton of t...

  • Why does a wet towel cool beer?

    If you wrap a beer on the beach, on a hot day, in a wet towel and leave it in the sun it will cool down which seems unlikely but not impossible and I think the key to this is latent heat of vaporisation. What do you think?



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How about her doing a voiceover for an advert for that washing-up liquid that leaves crockery "Squeaky Spleen"! DoctorBeaver, Mon, 10th Sep 2007

I think a whole new section on the show, could be where "we" ask Kat to make noises of different cells and body parts. I would tune in just to hear them every week. Amazingly funny., Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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