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Sat, 13th Oct 2007

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This week, we're taking on your science questions. We find out how cockroaches and ants avoid the heat in a microwave oven, how best to protect yourself from lightning and why a light box can save you from a SAD winter. Also, a table decoration inspired, radiation-resistant spaceship design to keep astronauts healthy, how the contraceptive pill hurts A lapdancers' looks and why penguins prefer to go fishing with their pals. Plus, in Kitchen Science, Dave explains how to make a detector for the Earth's magnetic field - a home made compass! But will it work in space? And what will happen when the Earth's magnetic field swaps round? We answer all these questions and more.

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  • 15:59 - Can ants survive in a microwave?

    Iíve been hearing recently that a studyís been done that shows ants survive in a microwave but I was wondering if itís another urban myth like cockroaches surviving nuclear explosions?

  • 18:20 - What should I do when cycling in a thunderstorm?

    I was cycling on Frodsham marshes listening to your show on my ipod. The weather was disturbed - some clear sky and sunset, some rain and an intense thunder cloud. Having remembered your item on the chap who was struck by lightening wearing his ipod and realising I was in a ver...

  • 24:54 - Why do I feel my phone vibrating on the wrong leg?

    Some people think I am weird (which is partly true of course) when I tell them that keeping my cell phone on vibrate if it rings I feel it in the opposite leg than the pocket that it is in. Whenever I get a call and feel a vibration in my left leg I have learned to reach in my ...

  • 27:59 - What does a compass do in space?

    My compass points to North wherever I am on Earth, so what will happen when I go into space?

  • 29:53 - How do spiders spring webs across gaps?

    In my garden, which is quite exposed, I find spiders webs where thereís no access between point A and point B where theyíve made their web. Iíve even put cameras up to see how they do it and I just canít catch them in the act. So how do they get across these big gaps to make the...

  • 32:16 - Do daylight replacement boxes work?

    After a week of lethargy as the daylight gets dimmer and shorter (which seems worse this year because we hardly had a summer worth speaking of) I've been contemplating getting a light box. Is there any research on this and do they actually work?

  • 34:38 - Machinima

    For this, the first of our monthly Technology segments, we look into the world of Machinima - Machine Cinema where characters from computer games perform as actors in home made movies...

  • 41:29 - Why do chickens lay all year round?

    My dad used to keep chickens and Iíve always wondered why the same chickens lay eggs all the year round when most birds are seasonal? Also, why they havenít got bloodspots in them like most eggs have?

  • 55:23 - How long will the earths magnetic field dissappear for?

    I have a question about the reversal of the Earthís magnetic field. I hear that the field polarity occasionally switches round periodically so the north turns to be somewhere south. Iíve also heard that between the switch thereís a period of time when there isnít a substantial ma...

  • 56:35 - Is it just humans that get runny noses?

    Are humans the only animals on Earth the only animals on Earth that secrete mucous from their noses?



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