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Sun, 18th Nov 2007

The South Africa Space Special

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This week on the Naked Scientists we cross hemispheres to explore galaxies far far away. Chris presents live from Johannesburg to discuss the South African Large Telescope whilst back in the studio we explore the effects of space travel on the body, the expansion of our universe and the possibilities of another planet earth.  We also investigate effects on our hearing and bring you a special kitchen science that could be out of this world.

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  • 16:09 - An Alien Solar System

    Now in the news last week was the story around what, essentially, is a very boring star. Now the star is called 55-Cancri; it's 41 light years away; found in the constellation Cancer; and it seems to be very similar to our Sun.

  • 30:57 - Living in space

    We talk to Kevin Fong who is a space physiologist about the problems associated with actually living in space.

  • 35:22 - Is artificial gravity possible

    Is the artificial gravity you see on Star Trek possible?' Do you think we could have some kind of artificial gravity system that would get over these effects?

  • 38:40 - Is radiation more or less of a problem in deep space?

    Is radiation nearly as much of a problem outside the orbit of say, Mars as it is closer to the Earth? I'm wondering if deep space vehicles have more or less need for protection from radiation than those that are exploring nearer to the Sun.

  • 39:35 - The Accelerating Universe

    Brian won a share of the five hundred thousand dollar prize for his discovery that the universe is expanding as it ages and the older it gets, the faster it expands.

  • 45:44 - Sharp Sounds Damage Hearing?

    I’ve heard that tools like hammers that make short, loud noises are supposed to be more damaging to hearing than something that makes a more continuous noise. I’d just like to get some confirmation on that.

  • 49:15 - Kitchen Science - Is it a Meteorite?

    Colin sent us a rock he thought was a meteorite, we visit the natural history museum to find out if he is right.



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