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Sun, 16th Dec 2007

The Naked Scientists Christmas Special

A Christmas tree (c) Malene Thyssen @ wikipedia

Ho Ho Ho! This week on the Naked Scientists we’re celebrating the festive season in style, with a party right here in the studio.  From Christmas crackers to Brussels sprouts, we’ll be looking at some of the science behind Christmas.  We’ll be learning about snowflakes and how these sub-zero designs are created, we’ll find out what your choice of Christmas card says about you, and we’ll reveal the best way to cook your sprouts, ensuring your family get all the nutrition they can this Christmas.  Also, in Kitchen science we’ll be getting you to butter bread and throw it off your kitchen counter in the name of science!



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  • 15:40 - What is pins and needles?

    I just noticed when I crouched down or if I’m sleeping on my arms at work that when I wake up I have this pins and needles sensation. Apparently it’s quite normal and many other people have it. I wanted to know what the basis of it is and why does it happen?

  • 18:53 - Butter Side Down

    Are you the sort of person who finds that whenever you knock some toast off the table it ends up butter side down. Find out if the toast gods are unhappy with you, or if there is something more scientific going on.

  • 20:09 - The Science of Snowflakes

    Now, we all know what snowflakes are, but have you ever gone out and looked at them properly? They’ve got extremely intricate designs and symmetry that both scientists and artists have been fascinated by for years. So this week, Meera found out how these sub-zero designs are c...

  • 29:20 - Quirkology

    Are Christmas cracker jokes really funny? What does your choice of Christmas card say about you? We've got Professor Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, on the line, he's looked into the science of Christmas, he led the hunt for the world’s funniest joke and...

  • 38:08 - Nutritious Sprouts and how to keep them that way

    Which way of cooking do you think will have the best outcome for the healthiness of your sprouts? We sent out Ben to find out.

  • 45:00 - Power of a Magnet

    From where do permanent magnets get their energy or power? I can put a fridge magnet on a fridge, and it seems as if it will stay there forever with no sign of any power source. Also, if I try to push the like poles of two bar magnets together, my arms will grow tired long befor...



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concerning polution:(gas car engines)fuel/air ratio is 14.5 lbs air to 1 lb. gas; air is only 21% 'O' does the nitrogen burn? @20 mpg/gas=10lb/gal.the gas turns mostly into energy/heat, how much polution is left? Thanks eel Bathurst, NB, Canada, Sun, 16th Dec 2007

Does bread always land butter side down? Try it out and go to Ben, Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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