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Sat, 3rd May 2008

Clothed Questions - Naked Answers

A Purple Hippo (c) Original Image - Joaquim Alves Gaspar

Black holes, bright birds and ice evaporating in the freezer all come under scrutiny in this week's Naked Science Question and Answer Show. We also find out why space is so cold, what happens when a neutron star collapses and where houseflies buzz off to in winter. Plus, we discover a robot who keeps kids company in hospital, and catch up with the the latest tech news about Twitter.  Also, we hear How bats are louder than a rock concert, how a quantum trick could let birds see magnetism and we peer into the biggest eye in the animal kingdom - belonging to the Colossal Squid.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, we get close to some hot rubber!

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  • 16:22 - What happens when a neutron star collapses?

    What happens when a neutron star collapses and what happens when a black hole collapses?

  • 18:35 - How do birds recognise fat balls as food?

    During the winter Iíve put blocks of suet with seeds in them out for the birds. It only takes a few minutes for the birds to find them and dig in but increasingly Iíve become very disturbed by the whole thing. Suet is animal fat so apart from the fact Iím promoting carnivorous be...

  • 22:23 - Does ice evaporate?

    I have ice cube trays in my freezer as Iím sure most people do. I donít use them all up that often. When I come to get them out over a few months time it seems to me that the level of the ice in the ice cube trays is much lower than when I filled them up with water a month or two...

  • 24:45 - Do houseflies hibernate?

    There are very few houseflies to be seen in the wintertime but there are some. Do they hibernate in the winter months or do they move to warmer climes?

  • 45:06 - Olympic Torch In Flight

    It occurred to me when I was listening to the Olympic torch being discussed recently Ė how do you transport a naked flame on an aeroplane? It has to be a naked flame I think to conserve the Olympic spirit but even without the current security situation Iím sure it must be quite d...



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