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Sat, 31st May 2008

Naked Science Question and Answer show

Psychedelic Milk (c) Dave Ansell

Footballs in space, mind-controlled machines and long-lasting bubbles join your questions on this week's Naked Scientists Question and Answer show. We discover the feminine side of prostate cancer and the robot that can walk up walls, and also hear how a computer has designed the next generation of mosquito repellents. Plus, we revisit the Phoenix mission on Mars, and also find out how surfing the internet can contribute more carbon to climate change than surfing the skies in an aeroplane! Plus, in Kitchen Science, Dave demonstrates a psychedelic effect with some milk.

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  • 15:33 - Do Bees have knees?

    We’ve all heard the expression “the bee’s knees.” What I’d really like to know is, do bees really have knees?

  • 16:39 - Psychedelic Milk

    Make beautiful moving psychedelic patterns in a bowl of milk with just some food colouring and washing up liquid.

  • 27:07 - How do hairs go grey?

    Do hairs lose their pigment and then go grey or do the coloured ones fall out and they get replaced by the grey ones?

  • 28:42 - Burp-related Optical Illusions?

    If you’re driving up a motorway and get a lorry next to you on the front wheel of the lorry the nuts are sticking out. As it’s driving it looks like a ring because it’s going so fast. If you really burp the nuts then stop whilst you’re burping. Once you stop they start revolving ...

  • 38:18 - Mereorite and Asteroid Questions

    When does a meteor or meteorite grow in size to become an asteroid?

  • 39:30 - Impact craters on the Moon

    With regards impact craters on the Earth - how much would they differ on the Moon because of the lack of atmosphere, reduced gravity. Would a small meteor make a bigger crater?

  • 40:58 - Chemistry Update - Mosquitoes, Bubbles and Superconductors

    Mark Peplow joins us once again from the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine, Chemistry World...

  • 46:41 - Inner Workings of Didgeridoos

    My question of the week is about the acoustics of the didgeridoo. Could you please explain the science behind the cubic capacity of the internal chamber of the didgeridoo, in relation to it's length? Also, if they are tuned to a western key, are they louder than an off-key didg...



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Do you wince at the fundamentalist Christians who estimate that the Earth is around 3,000 to 6,000 years old and dismiss carbon dating? Further, do you, like me lead a good moral life without the belief in an imaginary higher being in 'heaven'? Yes, I am an a-theist, just as I am an a-fairyist. Does your knowledge of science also make you non-believers ? Peter Barker, Sun, 1st Jun 2008

A fellow on the show asked about living off blood or soylent green. He might be interested in the information on this

I'm not sure I'd want to live off people: so much fat!

(Disclaimer: I researched and designed that shirt, but I think it is quite relevant to what was discussed). digfarenough, Wed, 4th Jun 2008

Very good! I shall try to remember to mention it next time! chris, Wed, 4th Jun 2008

Eating human brain can also be very hazardous to ones health ...

RD, Wed, 4th Jun 2008

Mmm - good point; I should have mentioned that! chris, Wed, 4th Jun 2008

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