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Sat, 21st Jun 2008

How do Atoms make Colours?

Burning questions (c) Original Image - D. McAbee

Mirrors, Magnets and Meteorites make an appearance in this week's Naked Scientists Question and Answer Show.  We find out how the immune system could be convinced to fight skin cancer, how future MRI scans could be in colour, and why easy-clean computer keyboards could help keep MRSA out of hospitals.  We answer your questions about inhaling helium, wind turbines, bacteria and the molecular basis of mirrors.  Plus, in Kitchen Science Dave sets us the Balloon Kebab Challenge!

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  • 12:06 - Cleaner Keyboards Prevent MRSA

    Do you ever eat at your desk at work? It may worry you that your computer keyboard is a hotbed of bacteria, but even more worrying is the fact that keyboards in hospital wards also house bacteria. Dr Peter Wilson is from University College London Hospital, and heís taken steps...

  • 17:28 - Whatís happening at a molecular level when a mirror is reflecting light?

    Whatís happening at a molecular level when a mirror is reflecting light? Iíve looked up some articles but it doesnít explain what exactly is happening.

  • 18:54 - Why would it take so long for light to leave the Sun?

    [On a previous podcast] You said it would take a photon about a million years to pass from the centre of the sun outwards, but I thought the speed of light was constant?

  • 20:36 - Balloon Kebab

    Put a skewer straight through a balloon to form a kebab without having to hold your ears!

  • 36:28 - Could brain controlled artificial limbs benefit cerebal palsy sufferers?

    I was listening a couple of weeks ago about the brain controlled electronic lymph systems and I was wondering if they would be of any benefit to cerebral palsy sufferers?

  • 38:12 - How do atoms make colours?

    Coloured objects, red ones, blue ones, whatever. For this purpose, one assumes that light is waveforms as opposed to particles of energy. Traditional theories state that a green object appears green because it reflects green light and absorbs other frequencies: red, likewise. Wh...

  • 40:56 - How does a Solar Radiometer work?

    My father whoís now 90 has a very peculiar little object. Heís an ex-electrician and likes gadgets. Heís got this little object on his window facing the sun. It consists of a glass tower, almost the shape of the Eiffel Tower, in the centre of which is a glass bulb about 5cm diame...

  • 44:24 - Can lightning re-start your heart?

    As lightning can strike in the same place twice if you get struck by lightning and it stops your heart and then you get struck by it again would it restart you heart?

  • 53:34 - How high could a helium balloon go?

    When I let my grandsonís helium balloon go up after his birthday we let it vanish into the sky. Could you tell me whether it would be affected by the very cold atmosphere if it reached 5 miles? Would it just pop or what would happen to it?



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