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Sat, 19th Jul 2008

Discovering Drugs

An assortment of drugs (c) Melinda @ Wikipedia

Drug Discovery: On this week's Naked Scientists, drug development goes under the microscope as we explore two new ways to find the treatments of tomorrow. We find out why size is important when it comes to chemicals that can kill superbugs, and how soil bacteria hold the chemical clues to the next generation of antibiotics. Plus, how sheets of carbon can be used to reveal single atoms of hydrogen beneath the microscope, how scientists have homed in on the part of the brain linked to obsessive compulsive disorder, and why electronically tagging jellyfish can tell us a sea turtle's secrets. Plus, in Kitchen Science, we make strange and unexpected shapes with bubbles!

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  • 27:19 - The Search for New Drugs

    Dr Harren Jhoti founded Astex Therapeutics in 1999. We chatted to him to find out what happens in the process of finding new drugs.

  • 36:38 - Discovering Drugs from Bugs

    Melanie McCullagh from Biotica tells us how they are fighting diseases using chemicals found in bacteria.

  • 42:38 - Are any organisms immortal?

    Id like to know if there are any life forms: plant, animal, fungus, whatever that are effectively immortal?

  • 50:48 - What is a Dalton?

    You mentioned earlier that we measure things in Daltons. What actually is a Dalton?



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