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Sat, 2nd Aug 2008

Science on the River - A Punt Down the Cam

Kings College Chapel and Punters (c) Andrew Dunn

Science on the River - A Punt Down the Cam.  The river Cam runs through Cambridge, past the colleges that have been home to influential scientists for hundreds of years.  This week, we drift down the river, picking up key scientists as we go.  We discover how petals attract pollinators, how carbon sequestration could call a halt to climate change and how ketamine could help us find the root of schizophrenic delusions.  Also, we explore how evolved enzymes could make chemical reactions billions of times faster, and learn of the ultimate fate of the universe with Astronomer Royal, Professor Martin Rees.  Plus, in Kitchen Science we see how sunlight can start a fire and mirrors can cause explosions!

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  • 20:11 - Clare College

    The history of Clare College

  • 22:11 - Hallucinations and Delusions in Schizophrenia

    Hallucinations and delusions resulting from schizophrenia are scientifically fascinating, but poorly understood and devastating for those affected. Dr Paul Fletcher is leading the charge to discover more about the roots of the disease...

  • 29:56 - Trinity Hall

    Trinity Hall's history

  • 30:30 - Enzymes for Extra-Fast Chemistry

    Enzymes are the "amazing chemical machines" that make reactions happen billions of times faster than they would do anyway - and help keep your clothes looking as good as new. Florian Hollfelder works on finding new enzymes, using techniques inspired by nature...

  • 37:26 - Trinity College

    The history of Trinity and the Wren Library

  • 38:56 - Earth, the Universe and Everything

    Astronomer Royal Professor Lord Martin Rees tells us about Earth, the Universe and Everything - from the Big Bang to the ultimate fate of the universe...

  • 46:27 - St John's College

    St John's College and the Bridge of Sighs

  • 48:03 - Starting fires with the sun

    Start a fire using the power of the sun and a piece of glass, and find out how it could help with the world's energy crisis.



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