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Sat, 9th Aug 2008

The Final Frontier

The International Space Station (c) NASA

Diana and Ben take the bridge this week for a journey around the world and out into space, with a selection of the best science from the Naked Scientists worldwide travels.  We find out how planets form from stardust in just tens on millions of years, and how to use winks, wobbles and blips to find planets around distant stars.  We find out why the James Webb Space telescope must be very cool to pick up the hot infra-red radiation of deep space, and how the ExoMars rover could take us to previously unseen parts of Mars. Then we come back down to Earth with a bump (or should that be burp?) to discover the astronomical effort it takes to feed the population of the Olympic Village.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, Dave tries in his own unique way to get a bottle rocket into orbit!

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  • 02:10 - How Planets are Made

    Planets come in many shapes and sizes, but how do they form? Chris met Micheal Meyer at the AAAS conference in Boston, to find out...

  • 11:30 - ExoMars and Manned Mars Missions

    The ExoMars rover will be heading off to explore new territory, but will the future of Mars missions be manned or 'machined'? Meera met Dr John Bridges...

  • 43:11 - Feeding the Olympic Athletes

    It takes an astronomical effort to feed all of the Olympic athletes, so how do they manage? Madeleine Genner spoke to Gary Leahy, senior executive chef for the Olympic village.

  • 48:22 - How does the Mars Phoenix Lander analyse samples?

    One of the instruments aboard the Mars Lander has been described as sniffing chemicals after heating samples of soil up. How are the effects of the Martian atmosphere taken into account. Is the container set to a vacuum or is the background reading from the atmosphere subtracted ...



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