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Sat, 25th Oct 2008

All in the Mind - Beauty, Dancing and PTSD

Dance at Bougival (c) Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Disco Psychology - the science of drinking and dancing feature in this week's Naked Scientists. We find out what your dance moves say about your genes and why drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes makes faces seem more attractive. Also, we discover what happens in the minds of people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Plus, researchers make brain washing a reality, roll out a stream of x-rays from a reel of sticky tape, and reveal why the smell of rotten eggs may be good for your blood pressure! In Kitchen Science, we re-train Ben's brain see the world from a different angle!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 19:01 - Motor learning

    Confuse your brain into making your hands move the wrong way and hamper your throwing ability! Meet cerebellar learning!

  • 22:45 - Dancing in your Genes

    Time to get your dancing shoes on! It seems that the way you dance could say something about your genetic fitness in other words, how good your genes would be to pass on to the next generation. Dr Peter Lovatt, a professional dancer turned psychologist from the University of...

  • 31:26 - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a debilitating condition where people who have been through nightmarish conditions have flashbacks so intense that they no longer know what's real. Meera found out more...

  • 38:52 - Beer and Beauty

    the beer goggles, or stella-vision, is a well known phenomenon where a few alcoholic drinks makes other people seem much more attractive, sometimes even leading people to do things they regret. Psychologists at Bristol University have been looking into this effect, and it seems...

  • 47:04 - A Better Balanced Bike

    On a recent trip from the farmers' market with a heavy load of fruit in my bike basket I started to wonder if the placement of the load on the bike makes any difference in the efficiency of the work I do. Would it be easier for me to have baskets on the back where I would pull th...



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As  a child and teenager... I was physically. sexually and mentally abused.. by my Step father...
it cntinued for many years...My question is that there are many times mostly when i try to sleep when I wake up in a cold sweat and I am terrified and the recall of those incidents  truly does feel as if it is happening all over... again. Is this the same thing..
There have been times whenI could not reason my way clear into realizing that It was just the bad memories popping back up at me....I often wonder if that will ever go away??? Karen W., Mon, 27th Oct 2008

Dear Karen

it sounds like it could be. Have you told someone about this? It sounds like you might need some help to break the cycle and stop it from happening.

Chris chris, Tue, 28th Oct 2008

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have a leaflet on PTSD... RD, Tue, 28th Oct 2008

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