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Sun, 2nd Nov 2008

Should we fill Tyres with Nitrogen?

fireworks (c)

It's been cold in the UK this week!  So what better way to spend your time than to stay in the warm and find the answers to all of your nagging science questions...  So if you've ever wondered how fireworks have so many pretty colours, why a hedgehog will choose to go to sleep in a bonfire pile, or any science, nature, medicine or technology question - ask us now!

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  • 21:46 - How do you test for AIDS?

    I recently listened to one of your podcasts on AIDS and the possible vaccine based on plant proteins. One of the questions that intrigued me was if AIDS hides in our genome how do AIDS tests work?

  • 25:05 - Can electricity be conducted through moving water?

    Can you conduct electricity up a continuous flow of moving water? Weve all heard the idea of someone peeing on the underground and getting electrocuted.

  • 54:38 - Is there a maximum temperature?

    Is there a theoretical maximum temperature? Weve heard of absolute zero but what about the opposite? Is there an absolute maximum?



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