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Sun, 8th Feb 2009

Stripping Down Your Questions

Closeup of spiral orb web (c) Fir0002

On this week's snow-bound Naked Scientists, we're taking on your science questions!  We discover the caterpillar that tricks it's ant hosts into treating it like royalty, find out why fish get lost in acidic seas and why the gravitational pull of tonnes of ice may lead to greater sea level rise than predicted.  Plus, we find out what happens to salt after it's spread on roads to avoid ice, what processes make the sea salty and how scientists weight the moon.  In Kitchen Science, it's 'on your marks' for a microwave race - will water boil before ice melts?

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  • 44:00 - Wearable robot or dancing suit?

    My question is: a year or two ago I was daydreaming of a light suit of armour that folk could put on and it would help uncoordinated fools such as myself to do taiji or ballroom dancing either by giving me an electrical prod in the left leg or right leg or right arm or whatever. ...

  • 54:41 - Why does foil touching a tooth filling taste strange?

    Why does foil touching a tooth filling taste strange?



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