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Sun, 1st Mar 2009

Inspired by Science

Steve Lukather (Toto) playing on a half-acoustic guitar (c) Mark Regemann, Germany

This week we’re seeking the science of laughter and music.  We're speaking to comedian Robin Ince about how geneticists and astronomers can inspire stand up comedy, listening to the music of the world’s first online science music festival, and genetically profiling comedienne Katherine Ryan.  We also get the giggles to find out what happens in your brain to make laughter so addictive.  Plus, we’ll follow the footprints of human evolution, find out how Jupiter and Saturn acted as celestial bulldozers, and discover how a cheeky octopus left an aquarium knee deep in water!

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  • 10:27 - First Fish Sex

    Nicola Phillips, from the ABC Radio National's Science Show, speaks to John Long from Museum Victoria about the first fish to ever have sex, and what this can tell us about our own evolution...

  • 14:20 - Singing stirings - build a guitar

    Make beautiful music with some string and a table, and find out why some notes sound great together.

  • 17:23 - When Science meets Comedy

    Comedian Robin Ince is currently touring the UK wilth 'Bleeding Heart Liberal', a show inspired by science and scientists. He joined us to tell us about his favourite astronomers and geneticists, and the unintentional rational movement in modern comedy...

  • 24:35 - Addicted to Laughter

    What happens in the brain when we hear laughter? Is there a neuronal basis to why we find the giggles so compelling...

  • 32:14 - Profile of a Comedienne

    As part of the Routes programme from Channel 4 and the Wellcome Trust, Nivea Funny Women award winner Katherine Ryan volunteered her DNA for profiling. We hear from Katherine about the experience, and from Professor Steve Jones about the science behind genetic profiling...

  • 38:41 - Geek Pop - Science and Music Collide Online

    The world's first online music festival - Geek Pop, is dedicated to science inspired music - Vicky West explains more...

  • 45:37 - Google Power

    How much energy is used when you do a Google search?



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