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Sun, 29th Mar 2009

The History of Medicine

Galileo by Leoni - engraving (c) Ottavio Leoni

This week we hark back to the days before NHS patient records and find out how illnesses in ancient Rome, Victorian London and 17th century Italy were treated. We also explore how the modern history of medicine is being recorded as it happens and how methods used to track DNA mutations can be used to the trace the evolution of ancient manuscripts.

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  • 32:58 - Making Modern Medical History

    Tilli Tansey takes us through the process of making medical history from the last century; including the breakthroughs of chemotherapy, haemophilia treatments and acquiring your very own home freezer.

  • 44:10 - Why are Aussie snakes so toxic?

    Why are Australian snakes so much more toxic in general than other snakes in other parts of the world?

  • 47:17 - Why Galileo lost his sight

    Opthalmologist, Peter Watson, has taken a fresh look at portraits of Galileo which point to a swelling around his eye that may have been partly responsible for his deteriorating eyesight.



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