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Sat, 4th Apr 2009

SciFest Africa Special

Chemiluminescence (c) Jason Hudson -

This special Naked Scientists comes to you from the MTN Sciencentre in Cape Town, South Africa, with some of the highlights of SciFest Africa.  Meera goes on safari to find out how the Born Free Foundation re-home mistreated lions while Chris tracks the Black Rhino to discover how to conserve this critically endangered species.  We find out how the Naked Scientists live science show, Crisp Packet Fireworks, wowed and inspired the festival's visitors. Plus, the story of the Coelacanth, tackling TB and Ben and Dave have an explosive Kitchen Science!

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  • 01:21 - Safari in Shamwari

    Meera took the opportunity to visit Shamwari Game Reserve, to see the animals there and discover the changing role of game reserves today...

  • 12:56 - The Born Free Foundation

    The Born Free Foundation rescues abused animals, and allows them to live out the rest of their lives in natural conditions. Meera met Glen Vina, and Sinbad the Lion...

  • 20:17 - The Crisp Packet Fireworks Show!

    The Naked Scientists Live Show - Crisp Packet Fireworks, played to sold out houses in Grahamstown and Cape Town. Meera caught up with Chris and Ben before the first show, to see how the opening night nerves got to them!

  • 26:15 - The Story of the Coelacanth

    Fossils of the Coeacanth fish over 70 million years old are well known, but it was not until 1938 that a living specimen was found off the coast of South Africa. The story of this 'Living Fossil' is a fascinating one...

  • 33:21 - Protecting The Black Rhino

    The black Rhinocerous is critically endangered, but a research project at Addo National Elephant Reserve hopes to both understand and protect the species...

  • 44:39 - Tackling Tuberculosis

    Childhood vaccination has seen tuberculosis all but wiped out in the UK, with cases few and far between. Not so in Africa, as Valerie Corfield explains...

  • Nitrogen bomb teaser (c)

    51:22 - Liquid Nitrogen Bomb

    One thing you should never do to liquid nitrogen is to seal it in a pressure vessel.... so we had a go.



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