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Sat, 8th Aug 2009

Kat's Best Bits

Kat Arney (c) Kat Arney

This week, Kat Arney has been through the archives and picked out her personal Naked highlights, including making experimental jelly, sneezing at computer screens, stabbing potatoes and Ben dancing (badly) in the studio. She looks back on advances in cancer therapy, developments in making people bionic and how new diseases emerge, as well as reliving the chance to meet Alan Titchmarsh, for a chat about the importance of ponds. Plus, we have a brand new bit of the Naked Scientists, where we’re looking at Chemistry in its element.

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  • 02:02 - Implanted Electronics and Artificial Skin

    Building flexible electronics could enable us to make artificial limbs with feelings, or even implant electronics under our skin...

  • 08:19 - Mounting an Immune Attack Against Tumours

    Immunotherapy, using the body's own immune cells to attack a tumour, could provide an alternative to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional surgery. We found out how it's shown promise in treating malignant melanoma.

  • 14:52 - Catching New Viruses

    Earlier this year, a new and fatal strain of virus was discovered in South Africa after a patient was flown in from Zambia for emergency treatment. The virus was identified as a “Rodent-borne Arena Virus” and although it does have a very high fatality potential, it does respond...

  • 19:20 - Drop Magnifier

    Make the cheapest microscope in the world, using a piece of plastic and some water. And find out what it has to do with sneezing on your TV screen!

  • 23:24 - The Million Pond Project

    Alan Titchmarsh gives his recommendations on the perfect pond and Jeremy Biggs extolls the virtues of pond making on a grand scale.

  • 29:47 - Impaling Potatoes

    If you have ever wondered how to impale a potato with a straw? Then this experiment is for you...

  • 34:36 - Chemistry in its Element - Iodine

    And now for the first chapter in a new series we're introducing on the show over the summer called Chemistry in its Element, from the Royal Society of Chemistry. In each episode we'll be hearing from a chemist who's taken a look at the more sinister side of one of the elements ...

  • 44:31 - Science of fruit jellies

    Find an excuse for a party, make some party food, and find out why some kinds of fruit work in jelly and others don't!

  • 50:00 - Dancing in your Genes

    Time to get your dancing shoes on! It seems that the way you dance could say something about your genetic fitness – in other words, how good your genes would be to pass on to the next generation. Dr Peter Lovatt, a professional dancer turned psychologist from the University of...



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