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Sat, 22nd Aug 2009

Ben and Dave's Best Bits

Tea Pot Party (c) The Naked Scientists

Ben and Dave select their favourite bits of Naked Science this week. From taking an MRI of outer space to orange fruit fireballs and sticky chocolate teapots, we explore the boys' most memorable Naked capers. We also break down the chemical element of the week: Thallium, a nasty poison you may have come across in the novels of Agatha Christie, and we join Dr Hal for an explosive set of gassy experiments.

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  • 01:37 - The Teslathon - High Voltage Fun!

    Cambridge's annual Teslathon brings enthusiastic amateurs get together to show off their home made tesla coils high voltage devices based on the same principal as an electric transformer. Danger! High Voltage Fun!

  • 07:18 - How useless is a Chocolate Teapot?

    You have heard the saying, but it is meaningless unless you know exactly how useful a chocolate teapot actually is. We try to find out how thick the walls of a chocolate teapot would have to be to let you brew tea...

  • 12:46 - The Post Prandial Proceedings of the Cavendish Society

    Post Prandial simply means "after dinner" - as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, the Whipple Museum of the History of Science played host to an historic evening, recreating the songs of the Cavendish Physical Society - their first performance since the 1930s!

  • 18:52 - MRI Scanning the Stars

    Often, technology designed for space travel gives us benefits down here on Earth. This is one example of the opposite - technology developed for interpreting MRI scans gives a whole new dimension to astronomical observations...

  • 52:55 - Cool Chemistry with Dr Hal

    This week's Cool Chemistry with Dr Hal featured the following amazing experiments...

  • bulb in nitrogen (c)

    Light Bulbs in Liquid Nitrogen

    What would happen if you put a light bulb in a bucket of liquid nitrogen? And would it still work if it were just a filament?

  • dry ice bomb (c)

    Dry Ice Experiments and Bombs

    Dr Hal showed us some things to do with dry ice; including the highly dangerous dry ice bomb.



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