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Sat, 5th Sep 2009

Can you run faster on the moon?

John W. Young on the Moon during Apollo 16 mission. (c) NASA

This week we're taking on the questions you've waited all summer to find the answers to. We find out whether humans can run faster on the moon than here on Earth, if tea tastes better in china cups, and if talking to plants can help them grow. Plus we look into the world of statistics to learn how many ants it would take to carry a human and discover how many people in the world are having sex right at this moment!  Plus, in Kitchen Science, we bring you a watery way to measure upthrust.

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  • 19:04 - How Many Licks...?

    How many licks does it take to eat a lollipop? How many ants would you need to carry a person? Aaron Santos' new book looks at the statistics of the everyday world, and how estimate nearly anything...

  • 26:55 - Weighing Buoyancy

    Does a glass get heavier if you put your finger in the water? Find out in this experiment.

  • 28:34 - Does Shaving make hair grow faster?

    All of my life, I have heard it said that shaving makes hair grow back faster and that once you start shaving, youre then committed for life. Whats the answer?

  • 29:40 - Can you run faster on the moon?

    My son Joshua and I were wondering if Usain Bolt was to go sprinting on the moon, hes the guy whos this amazing athlete from the Caribbean who seems to be able to run faster than anyone else ever thought was possible. If he was to go sprinting on the moon but without being hin...

  • 31:13 - What is Limonene?

    I was wondering what limonene is and what its used for?

  • 33:18 - Why can light not escape a black hole?

    If a difference between a star and a black hole is density of matter (black hole being a collapsed star) then why cannot light escape the gravity of a black hole but it can escape a gravity of a star? To my understanding: 1)When a star collapses it does not gain mass, it only ...

  • 34:55 - The Centre of the Cell

    This week saw the launch of the Centre of the Cell, a new children orientated science center located in the heart of Tower Hamlets in London. We sent Meera along to find out more...

  • 45:02 - Can talking to plants make them grow faster?

    I've heard that talking positively to plants makes them grow better. Is there any good scientific evidence for or against that claim?

  • 47:44 - Why aren't planets compressed by gravity like stars are?

    As I understand it the nuclear fusion of stars stops gravity from compressing them until they cannot be compressed anymore because of the force of the neutrons repelling each other and when stars run out of fusible materials they are compressed to this point. What keeps the plane...

  • 52:00 - Why is laundry lint always blue?

    Why is laundry lint always blue? Why is it that no matter what colour the laundry, I mean even white, the fluff that comes out of filter system at the other end, its always lilac, purple or grey in colour?

  • 53:22 - How should or why should a polyester sheet make a fluorescent light bulb glow?

    How should or why should a polyester sheet make a fluorescent light bulb glow? I accidentally rubbed my pillowcase, which is 100% polyester against the mini-fluorescent bulb, which is in my bedside lamp. And it glowed for a split second, I repeated this numerous times and every...



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