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Sat, 12th Sep 2009

Building Bodies and Mending Broken Hearts

Cardiomyocytes (c) Dr Nadire Ali

This week we find out about bionic bodies.  We discover whether it's possible to mend a broken heart with stem cells as well as investigate if soft nanobots could soon be delivering drugs around our bodies.  We also bring you the highlights from this years British Science Festival.  Plus, in Kitchen Science, we hit the kitchen to investigate one of natures composite materials - a chicken bone!

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  • 14:23 - Aphids and Pesticides

    Also in the news this week - an international consortium of Aphid researchers have been studying the newly decoded aphid genome, due to be published later this year, with a view to developing better pesticides that will not let the aphids develop resistance...

  • 18:45 - Mending a Broken Heart

    Is it possible to fix a broken heart with stem cells? Sian Harding looks into this...

  • 52:31 - Can colourblind people play cricket?

    Hi, while watching my son (8yrs) and his friends play cricket, I was wondering how boys with colour-blindness cope with learning to play cricket. They all start off with a red ball similar to, but harder than, a tennis ball before progressing to either a red or white hard ball. M...

  • 53:44 - What dictates the frequency of waves?

    While on holiday in Wales and looking out over Cardigan Bay I was wondering what dictates the frequency of the waves?



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