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Sat, 19th Sep 2009

Life in the Branches

Rook (Corvus frugilegus), Wrocław, Poland, autumn 2007 (c) Rafał Komorowski

Join us in a peek at the secret lives of birds.  We find out just how a cuckoo convinces others to care for it's young, and the tragic outcome for the cuckoo chick when the rouse is discovered.  We meet the clever corvids, capable of problem solving feats that may even outfox the great apes.  Also, how green tea makes strong bones, the genes involved in prostate cancer and online robotic surgeons.  Plus, in Kitchen Science we find out how Dave Ansell spent his schooldays - making stationery fly!

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  • 14:18 - Dealing with parasites

    The original cuckolders: do they always get away with it? It seems some species of bird have developed defence mechanisms to protect their nests from the cuckoo, as Rebecca Kilner explains...

  • 23:31 - The Darwin Centre

    The brand-new 'cocoon' Darwin Centre has just opened and Meera Senthilingam headed to the Natural History Museum in London to take a look.

  • 52:01 - Can cuckoos trust the surrogates?

    Just rounding up this whole idea of cuckoos and what they do, it does seem quite extraordinary that you go to such an effort to have babies and you think looking after them is very important and to trust that to another animal seems really quite bizarre, doesn’t really make so mu...

  • 52:36 - Why do we have fingerprints?

    Why do we have fingerprints?



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