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Sat, 10th Oct 2009

Why does Water Expand when it Freezes?

Iceberg (c) Uwe Kils @wikipedia

The Nobel prizes feature on the Naked Scientists this week alongside a bumper crop of your science questions! We find out why water expands when it freezes, whether animals have regional accents, and how many rockets you would need to crash into the moon to knock it off course. Plus, how the insects splattered on windscreens are helping scientists to study biodiversity, the virus linked to chronic fatigue syndrome and the prospect of a paper-thin digital camera. Also, We find out how India is coping with the IT boom, and show you how to make a spud gun from stationery!

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  • 26:29 - Why is glass transparent?

    Why is glass transparent? I’ve heard that glass can be made from sand. How is this given that sand is not transparent, you can’t see through it, but you can see through glass?

  • 28:02 - How do cold-blooded species cope in cold water?

    How do cold-blooded species cope in cold water? We all know that reptiles have to sun themselves to build up the energy or ability to sustain their activity and to get to the right temperature. And this is attributed to the fact that they’re cold-blooded. How is it then possib...

  • 30:38 - Root vegetable cannon - DIY potato gun

    Build yourself a root vegetable based cannon using just a biro, a hacksaw and a potato.

  • 32:08 - Technology in India

    Tech expert Chris Vallance looks at the technology highlights from over the summer and investigates the effect of the internet boom in India on its residents...

  • 38:19 - Why does water expand when it freezes?

    Why does water expand when it freezes?

  • 39:39 - Why can't the human body multi-task?

    Why can't the human body multi-task? If you turn your right foot and move it slowly in a clockwise circle. So you're going round in a circle with your foot. Then writing a number 6 with the same hand that you're moving your foot on a piece of paper. But the better way to show t...

  • 42:00 - Are 'light' cigarettes better?

    Is there any actual benefit from smoking a light cigarette as opposed to like a full strength one?

  • 46:23 - Why does it get dark at night?

    Late last night when I was looking at the stars I was struck by a thought which I would like/expect to see/be proven wrong.. Since the consensus is that the universe is infinite, there should be a (close to) infinite number of stars, and quite a bit of these emit light. (Since...

  • 53:22 - How far would electricity carry in the sea?

    How far would electricity carry in the sea? If a toaster, connected to the mains at 240 volts was accidentally dropped into the ocean, let’s say the North Atlantic, would the sea life be electrocuted? And if so, how far and how deep from the toaster would these electrical shockw...

  • 55:04 - Could I use a torch to push me in space?

    I’ve read that photons can push things and people have considered space ships propelled by large sheets or mirrors to catch sunlight. So, if I were in space and I had a flashlight powerful enough to push me, would it push me? ?And should I aim it towards myself or away from myse...

  • 60:44 - Why should we sit far from the TV?

    When I was younger I was told not to sit too close to the TV. Is it an urban myth that it's dangerous to sit too close? Or does the TV emit radiation? Does this still apply to modern televisions?



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