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Sun, 1st Nov 2009

Where do lost socks go?

Burning questions (c) Original Image - D. McAbee

The most distant object ever discovered as well as the events of National Pathology week feature in this week's show as we take on your science questions! We investigate why socks go missing in the wash, if light from the Sun is a continuous beam and whether numerous vaccines can be given together in one dose. We also find out how higher heels make for a better runner and reveal the world's fastest camera. Plus, we find out why holding an aerial gives a better TV picture and show you how to make a helicopter using card and pencils!

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  • 29:53 - How are genes switched on and off?

    It has been discussed on your show about genes being turned on and off through things like genetic engineering and Iíve got a picture in my mind a sort of a big double helix with old-fashioned light switches sticking out the sides of it, which I seriously doubt is correct. And I...

  • 32:50 - Why should we not re-freeze defrosted meat?

    I've always been taught, an early age, that if meat has been frozen and thawed, you shouldnít re-freeze it because of food poisoning. But why is this?

  • 34:19 - Is there a limit to how hot you can make the temperature?

    In an article I read this week, they said that the coldest spot in our solar system was a crater on the south pole of the moon. The temperatureís about - 238 degrees. I realise this is close to absolute zero. But if absolute zero is the coldest temperature we can achieve, is t...

  • 35:52 - Can vaccines be given together?

    Can vaccines can be given together? I know someone that just received four vaccines at once. Can they wear out the immune system and not produce as good a response?

  • 42:35 - Does a supernova clear out a planetary system?

    Does a supernova, in other words, the death of a star clear out a planetary system completely of everything that used to orbit the star?

  • 43:25 - National Pathology Week

    We find out about the life of a pathologist and what events we have to look forward to as part of National Pathology Week...

  • 55:05 - Build your own helicopter

    Build your own helicopter using just a piece of card, some tape, and a few pencils.

  • 60:04 - Where do lost socks go?

    I would like to know where socks go when they put some into the washing machine? I made some observation that I put matching socks into the washing machine and I get only single socks back. Yes socks are not quantum mechanical entities. Where are the socks going?



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