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Sun, 22nd Nov 2009

Science Down Under

A koala climbing up a tree in Cape Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia. (c) Diliff

This week, we head down under to explore the latest Australasian science - we'll discover the new, state-of-the-art facility where high-tech lasers and cameras breed the best plants; explore a new remedy for wine ruined by bush fires and find out why grapes killing themselves is the tip to a wonderful tipple.  We also reveal two new bowel-bugs that cause gastroenteritis and why porridge is good for your guts. Plus, we investigate the best temperatures for serving wine in Question of the Week!

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  • 13:34 - Learning to make wine

    We find out about one of the world's few degrees where drinking and making wine are the main things on the agenda...

  • 20:09 - Too Much Boron

    Tim Sutton is grappling with the problem of too much Boron in Southern Australia...



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